Ride Bikes, Go Camping

Posted on July 18, 2014 by NRG

Forecast looked great so it seemed like a good time to try a family camping trip by bike.

30 km from Nelson is one of Canada’s longest free ferries so we headed off in that direction. One Surly CrossCheck towing a Bob trailer and a Surly Troll towing our daughter in a Chariott. Mellow touring pace and enjoying the views along the way.

After the ferry we made our way to a trail that leads to a beautiful camp spot on the lake. Once camp was set up we had to make sure the hammock was working properly. With the temps in the mid to high 30’s it was great to hit the lake all day along.

As the sun dipped in the sky the temps cooled slightly and the lake turned to glass. Gotta love summer in the Kootenays.

Grab your bike and go ride. It’s time.

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