NRG’s Toonie Enduro – Photos

Posted on July 4, 2015 by Sean Cameron

photos: Gavin Firkser

NRG hosted the second toonie enduro race of the year here in Nelson last week. Exactly 50 riders came out to try their luck at this new “enduro” thing that everyone is talking about.  One solid climb and two timed descent stages made up the course, which also featured two brand new sections of fresh loamy trail! Good times were had by everyone, check out these photos for proof.

Huge thanks to the volunteers, photographer, riders, and NRG crew for making this event a success. All proceeds were donated to the Nelson Cycling Club.



1. Dave Sutton            9:36
2. Lee Roy Brown      9:56
3. Travis Hauck         10:08


1. Michelle Griffiths    10:44
2. Maya Grosch            10:54
3. Deb Macillop            11:13


The ladies starting the grind up to the Svoboda trails.


Volunteers got the easy way up.


Dave Sutton on his way to 1st place.


Lee Roy Brown, pinning-it on his DH bike for 2nd place.


Don’t let the cut off jeans fool you, Travis Hauck showing off his fast-face on his way to 3rd place.


NRG family member Michelle Griffiths showing the boys how it’s done, taking 1st place for the ladies and 7th overall!


Maya Grosch gets the wide-angle while on her way to 2nd place women’s.


It used to be a rare sight to see Deb Macillop on a little bike. She played the part well with 3rd place.


Game faces on.


Some combination of game-face and huge grin.


Pigs can fly! Mark W in full race mode.


It’s wheelie Wednesday everyday!


Low ain’t slow!


Legendary trail builder Mark Holt actually riding a trail he didn’t build.


Enduro fashion tip #4: goggles and skid lid.




Nate Atkins, JR rider was pinning it all evening.


1980’s Norco Bushpilot was out in full force. The Dude put down a solid first run on this fully rigid beauty.


Trees doing their thing.


Looking back up the middle transition stage.


Chris George, the man behind this event, sweeping the course in style.


Good chance that Ripley has been going on bike rides longer than you have.





Three German guys passing through town on a riding vacation caught wind of the local event and came out to get their enduro on. When times were finalized, all they cared about was if they beat each other. Half way around the world and the mountain bike culture is the same. Riding bikes, having fun, and trying to be faster than your friend.



Apparently this was the line of choice.


Great spot for the after party overlooking Kootenay Lake.



This bike had the best day of it’s life.


Results! Timing went smoothly thanks to the amazing volunteers.



Nothing but stoke. Some rad prizing….NRG and Chromag bits.



If you want high resolution prints or looking for a picture of yourself, please contact us or the photographer:

Gavin Firkser –




Stage 1:

Stage 2:

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