NRG’s Camp Shred – A Westside Story

Posted on August 20, 2015 by Sean Cameron

Crankworx in Whistler has quickly become a bit of a pilgrimage for mountain bikers returning to one of the sport’s birth places: the Coast Mountains of BC. However, Crankworx has also become a place for the roudy to get roudier. NRG took a different take this year and rented a lodge on Whistler’s West side, away from the gondola line-ups and 3 day hangovers. We invited our brands and dealers to join us for a week of riding, beers, great food, and good times. Here’s what it looked like…

IMG_1369U-Haulin’ our way to Whistler.

IMG_1372Officially arrived in the coast mountains! Nice view of Whistler peak from the lodge deck.

IMG_1784Bike, bikes, and a few more bikes. Getting the set up dialed.

IMG_1795Roomies anyone? This lodge definitely had character.



IMG_1790AMonday was education day for NRG. Woody and Rachael from Hope keeping it casual while showing off some new bits.

photo 1 copyThe NRG Crew soaking up all the information.

IMG_1815AChromag bikes were at home in Whistler. Solid representation on every ride.

IMG_1393 Set up complete, time to SHRED!

IMG_1450Mobbing the streets of Whistler’s West side.

IMG_1382Big wheels, big smiles.

IMG_1395No fun here, just serious business as usual.

IMG_1811AThis beautiful sight was there to greet us back at the lodge…

IMG_1386… and this one.

IMG_1865AFull service at Camp Shred! Amazing meals were dished up all week.

IMG_1791ABike talk.

IMG_1800This beautiful custom Neglin log provided many good times. Thanks to NRG family member Mitch Forbes for making this possible.

IMG_1805AThe log in action.

IMG_1834BACON! Breakfast was well received.

IMG_1836If you know NRG, you know we love our OSO coffee. Thanks to OSO Negro for keeping everyone buzzing louder than a Hope hub.

IMG_1838Getting fueled up.

IMG_1846Preparing for an epic.

IMG_1408It ain’t a real ride without a hike-a-bike! Olympian Adam Craig not ashamed to walk.

IMG_1404Stay thirsty my friends.

IMG_1413Up, up and …. up.

IMG_1416Top notch lunch spot.

IMG_1421No words…

IMG_1829Back for some apres and Crankworx live feed. No crowds to peek over here.

IMG_1823Talking product. Lots of good samples and displays in the lodge.

IMG_1825AEveryone loves shwag.

IMG_1826AJolly Ranchers: classic NRG treats.

IMG_1886AA rain day was welcome. Forecast calls for traction!

IMG_1391 Made a visit to the Chromag HQ to see where the magic happens. If you’re in Whistler, go stop by!

IMG_1389Fresh steel.


IMG_1861AReturned from the damp ride to be greeted with fresh hot soup and home baked bread! Once again, the cooks killing it.

IMG_1881AWhistler peak looking majestic.

IMG_1840Chromag Friday ride crowd building.

IMG_1849Devinci was there all week setting up demo bikes for people to try.

IMG_1451 239 people came out, everyone threw down! Chromag Friday ride success.

IMG_1452 2Cold beverages stashed in the creek for a mid ride break just added to the memorable day.

IMG_1470 Sup, dog?

IMG_1462Quick lookout session before dropping into “Rockwork Orange.” This trail was incredibly well built, using as much rock features as possible on the way up, and down.

imageThanks for memorable ride, Chromag!

IMG_1490After a good morning ride, the decision was made to try and sneak in a Top Of The World descent to finish the trip off. Everyone switched back into ride mode and after a rush to make last chair, we were headed for Whistler peak!

IMG_1492Epic views before an epic descent.

photo 2This could be you, next year.

IMG_1496Soaking up the views and reminiscing on a successful week.

IMG_1500Top Of The World trail is real alpine singletrack! Definitely worth checking out.

IMG_1515 Making waves on route back to the Kootenays.

IMG_1507These two deserve a round of applause and a trophy for being so awesome. Bryan O’Malley and Eryn Prospero were our chefs for the week and kept everyone fed, full, and happy. Thanks team!

Huge thanks to all who came out to Camp Shred: NRG’s brands, dealers, riders, Devinci, and everyone else who showed up. It would not have been the same without you all there!



photos: Sean Cameron, Steve Mitchell

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