NRG Chilko Ride

Posted on March 14, 2013 by NRG

Late August, the NRG crew headed to the Chilkotins for an backcountry bike expedition.  High school bro Dale at Tyax Adventures had just accrued a series of backcountry camps in the South Chilkotin Provincial Park, and we were running a `test ride’ to see how things linked up.  Joining the NRG team was pro photographer John Gibson (aka Gibby).

Riding off the map with Gibby in the Chilkotins

So, four 7-10 hour days, six mountain passes, two very sick dudes and lots of laughs later, the boys completed a very real circuit thru the park.

Looks like you can see the complete story in the latest edition of UK publication Privateer Magazine.  Thanks Gibby, and all participants.  Looking forward to the next epic!


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