Paddy Hummeny’s Giver 8er Enduro report

Posted on June 3, 2011 by NRG

The mass start at 9am started without incident with Travis getting the holeshot onto the first  double track climb 400m into the course with myself sitting in the top ten after spinning like a madman on the flat runout. Given the amount of rain we got last week the course was in very fast shape with only a few boggy sections that were pretty much rideable the entire race. I ran a 29×2.25 Ardent up front and at 29×2.1 Aspen in the rear which held up awesome throughout the race. 

I felt a bit stronger compared to at Salty Dog and for the first third of the race rode with Gabor(Csonka) who was first SS about 30 second up and in sight. At about 5 laps in I hit a bad patch and lost touch with him but John and Naomi were stellar as a pit crew and kept my KM lubed/cleaned and me with as much fuel as I could take.  I managed 3/4’s of a bottle of Nuun per lap and at least on Clif Shot per lap with a couple sips of Ensure and green tea for good measure.

With Gabor somewhere up ahead and 3rd place somewhere behind I went into ‘safe mode’ and did what I could to hold my position and chip away at the clock.  I finished my 12th lap at 7:42, good enough for 2nd SS and 5th overall in the Solo category.

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