Fat Bikes Doing It Dumber – 7 Summits Rossland

Posted on March 30, 2015 by Sean Cameron

Out here on the West side of Canada, winter has been on vacation this season. Mild temps, high-pressure dry spells, and melt-freeze conditions have been the new norm. Although skiers and boarders are furious at a force that even burning skis cannot fix, the snow conditions this winter have allowed for some very interesting opportunities.

7 summits is an epic alpine trail near Rossland, BC and Red Mountain Resort. In the summer riding months, it’s nothing short of amazing. A crew set out in February to take full advantage of the hard snow conditions and get a taste of what fat bike free-riding is all about. Here’s what it looked like…


Nancy Greene summit, gateway to the 7 Summits trail.


Packed trails made the start easy, but in the trees snow conditions varied making pedaling tough in sections. No shame in pushing this day.


No trail, no problem. Gerry working his way up the climb.


The first small downhill provided a taste of fat bike free-riding, and left some unusual tracks in the woods.


The ride began to feel truly epic as the trees gave way to the alpine landscape.

photo – Chris George

Boot packing up a ridge while following a skiing skin track.


The weather co-operated perfectly and added to the already stunning views of the Rossland mountain range.


Topping out on Plewman Mountain, one of the highest peaks in the area.


It’s a strange feeling standing over a bicycle on a snowy peak. Looking down the 7 Summits trail with Old Glory Mountain lurking majestically in the background.

 photo – Gerry Heacock

Game on! Gerry dropping into the first real descent.


Supportive snow crust making dreams become reality.


Big Ned diving in.


Full-pin, full-grin.


Looks steep? It is!


Chris G carving his way through the alpine shrubs.


Classic 7 Summits shot, not-so-classic setting.

photo – Chris G

The Surly fat bikes were in their element.


Round 2. Getting ready to drop into the second descent.


It’s big up there.


Find the rider…


Proof. Really hope some confused skiers came across these tracks.


Back into the trees on the 1000 meter descent. Too good to stop for photos.


Looking way back up to the Plewman peak from the bottom of the descent.


Fat bikers don’t shuttle! Sunshine for the pedal back to the trailhead concluded another amazing and successful bicycle mission.


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