Fat Bike Frenzy

Posted on December 14, 2013 by NRG

Winter is now well established in most parts of Canada. And while it’s traditionally time for hockey and skiing to take over, a Fat Bike frenzy is overcoming the nation. Magazines are writing about them, stores are crying for them, and most importantly – people are riding them.

 From KMC Magazine Winter 2013/14 issue

Fat tire bikes aren’t anything new. Surly has made the Pugsley for about a decade now. They were always eye candy at events where they were displayed, as folks gathered, touched and prodded them. And always asking `what are those bikes for?’

Well, they’re for fun, and they certainly have captured the imagination of the bike market. There were more new Fat bike brands than you could shake a stick at in Vegas this fall. Everyone who rides one is an ambassador for this bike genre – they tell their friends, and so on, and so on…

From frozen singletrack to icy river beds, snowpacked trails to pow covered slopes, the winter riding possibilities are as endless as your imagination. 8 lbs psi and 4-5″ of tread and you’re ready to shred. Just better get one while you can!

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