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Reese Wallace Edit

Posted on January 19, 2012 by NRG

Forest Reisco’s Western Open Report

Posted on August 10, 2011 by NRG

The next weekend was the Western Open BC Cup at Kicking Horse Mt in Golden. My parents came up for the last Canada Cup and than I stayed with them for the week and weekend of the BC Cup. We camped out in our Westfalia van. The course was the same as last year except a bit rougher and drier. It was a lot of fun practicing and racing on the course because it’s so fast and loose. My race run was very good, I got a bit loose and put everything I had into the last horribly long pedal. When I came down I had the second fastest time of the day and fastest in Junior. I stayed in the hotseat until the last junior, a local racer Riley Suhan, came down and bumped me out. I was very happy with my result because it was Riley’s home track and he’s unbelievably fast on it. At the end of the day I finished 2nd in Junior and had the 14th fastest time of the day.

2nd place podium at the Western Open BC Cup

After all these races I finished 4th in the Canada Cup series, 1st seventeen year old in Canada. I am also leading the BC Cup series in Junior with two more races to go.

I am still waiting to hear if I’ve been selected for the National team to go to World Championships in Switzerland. There are four Junior riders going and I am in contention as I finished fourth in the Canada Cup series, but nothings official yet. That was one of my goals this year was to make it to Worlds and I am anxiously waiting to hear if that will become a reality.

I’d also like to give a shout out to NRG enterprises for helping me out a couple times on my trip. I was stuck and needed some parts twice and both times they pulled through and got me the right parts when I needed them.

NRG/Maxxis Rider Stacy Kohut

Posted on July 23, 2011 by NRG

Stacy showing some great flow at the Crankworxs air DH race. Sweet!


Test of Metal

Posted on July 7, 2011 by NRG

Anne Laplante

Posted on June 17, 2011 by NRG

Xprezo team rider Anne Laplante shows some awesome flow in this video. Check it out here.

Travis Hauck’s Giver 8er Enduro report

Posted on June 8, 2011 by NRG

I started the race as fast as I could, chasing Shawn Bunnin from Calgary to try and win the $50 for fastest first lap. He was too fast and I reminded myself that I had 8 hrs to go.  He was on a team so he had half the amount of dinner on his plate. I continued to keep him in my sites for the first 4 hrs and was holding 1st place solo and was sitting 2nd overall behind the teams. Right around 4hrs my future Trans Rockies teammate Jonathan Firth, also on a two man team, came racing by Shawn and myself like we were standing still.

I kept track of my average speed and watched it slowly deplete. Starting out at 16.8 km/hr and finishing at 15.8, my goal was to not let it drop below 15.5. I didn’t ask my pit crew how far ahead I was until around 5hr mark and they told me 10 min or so. That felt comforting but I know that Luke is strong racer and could attack at any time. As I kept doing laps I also kept gaining time on Luke. My pit crew, John Gibson and Naomi Humenny where the best pit crew ever. Naomi just got off a night shift and hadn’t slept but each lap continued stuffing food in my face. Gibby cleared all of the mud out of my rear wheel and oiled my chain. Thanks you two. A huge role in my successful day.

So everything went good for me, my bike held up and so did I. I finished the race after 7:30 hrs, 13 laps, 110 km, 3800 meters of climbing. 1st place, 3rd overall and very happy. All that I had to do next was drive back to Nelson…I got home and was in bed around 12:30 am. Long day.

Paddy Hummeny’s Giver 8er Enduro report

Posted on June 3, 2011 by NRG

The mass start at 9am started without incident with Travis getting the holeshot onto the first  double track climb 400m into the course with myself sitting in the top ten after spinning like a madman on the flat runout. Given the amount of rain we got last week the course was in very fast shape with only a few boggy sections that were pretty much rideable the entire race. I ran a 29×2.25 Ardent up front and at 29×2.1 Aspen in the rear which held up awesome throughout the race. 

I felt a bit stronger compared to at Salty Dog and for the first third of the race rode with Gabor(Csonka) who was first SS about 30 second up and in sight. At about 5 laps in I hit a bad patch and lost touch with him but John and Naomi were stellar as a pit crew and kept my KM lubed/cleaned and me with as much fuel as I could take.  I managed 3/4’s of a bottle of Nuun per lap and at least on Clif Shot per lap with a couple sips of Ensure and green tea for good measure.

With Gabor somewhere up ahead and 3rd place somewhere behind I went into ‘safe mode’ and did what I could to hold my position and chip away at the clock.  I finished my 12th lap at 7:42, good enough for 2nd SS and 5th overall in the Solo category.

Salty Dog 6 Hour Enduro

Posted on May 20, 2011 by NRG

Neslon local and NRG family member just came back from the Salty Dog with an awesome race result. Second place!! Here is Travis’s account of his Birthday weekend.

Hey guys,

I am really exited to let you know I placed 2nd this weekend behind Corey Wallace at the 10th annual Salty Dog. Corey had a maechanical so I was holding 1st from lap 3 to 6 and then I had a crap session and Corey caught and passed me and he went on to completing 10 laps and made a new course record. I was glad to be done after 9 laps.

I was worried about my achilles but it didn’t flare up so I went hard.

Paddy destroyed his palms from riding ridged. The course gets rough on the descents but the guys is tough as nails and he ripped it up.

I wouldn’t have be as successful without my lovely lady passing me bottles. It was a hot day and I am grateful she hung out for six hours in the heat. Glad we the NRG tent!

I ate almost 2 shots per lap and I think I should have drank more Nuun might not have cramped. My new Ikon 3c exo tires were great. Thanks NRG.

 Travis Hauck

Here are some of Travis’s stats from the weekend

Elevation Gain: 11,631 ft
Elevation Loss: 11,539 ft

Total Distance: 94 km in 5:54 min