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NRG Triple Crown

Three classic Nelson climbs, three classic Nelson descents. Poker ride, best hand wins.  See the Triple Crown poster for details.

The Triple Crown is a ride not a race. It is a self-supported event. You are responsible for your own food, water, first aid and tools. It is the participant’s responsibility to be familiar with the trail system or to ride with someone who is. The trails will be marked clearly at the top of the climb and at the bottom of the descent. At each of these locations there will be a stamp. To prove you have completed each leg you must stamp the card you have been provided. Afterwards, you will show your stamps at the aid station to receive your poker playing cards.

The trails are as follows and must be completed in this order:

Stage 1 : TBA… stay tuned for juicy details.

Stage 2 : The Vein

Stage 3 : The Paper Bag

Very Important

Participants must sign In/Out for each individual stage. This will occur during the day at the aid station, which is located in the parking lot at the bottom of Mountain Station, and after 4 pm back to NRG Enterprises. ( 508 Latimer St/ back lane). Failure to sign in for the next leg will mean disqualification. It is imperative that you sign In/Out after each stage. If you have not signed out after a reasonable amount of time the RCMP will be called to search for you, and your emergency number will be phoned. This is not a joke. It is about safety so don’t forget! If you decide to pull out of the event on any stage you must return to the aid station and sign out. This way we know you are all right and we will see you at the BBQ.

There will be a 3:00 pm cut off time to start the Paper bag stage. All Participants must be through the Sign In/Out location before 3:00 pm.

•Failure to start the Paper bag before 3:00 pm will mean disqualification.

•All Stages must be completed to qualify for the Poker Run and Grand prize.

•Party and Dinner start at 5:00 pm.

•All participants must ride with a partner for safety.

**You must ride with care, caution, and under control at all times.

•If you require emergency assistance contact the aid station. PH# 250-505-8224 or 250-354-7324

Registration day-of and departure from NRG Enterprises Ltd. headquarters.
508A Latimer St. Nelson, BC
V1L 4T9

Contact us for any details:
800- 665 – 4362