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Ramin Sherkat

Founder, big cheese.  If not in the office, can be found roaming the hills with mountain bike, skiis or climbing gear in hand.

Mike Seniuk

Mike Seniuk

Longtime bike guru, Skinny is a pillar of the NRG foundation.  Mike’s passions include shredding singletrack, Whitewater pow, or endless roads on his moto.  Responsible for Purchasing and logistics.

Chris George

Bike afficianado with an extended quiver, Jorge is true BC backwoods.  Likes large bonfires, long bike rides, and beer. Can also deal with rednecks.  Responsible for inside sales, customer service, and athlete sponsorships.


Sean Cameron

Outdoor enthusiast of all kinds with an appetite for adventure, Sean is into anything that takes you deep into the woods. Armed with a background of bike shops and some business education, he’s in charge of all things marketing.


Renan Gallagher

“Why pedal when you can shuttle!?”  Renan is the beer loving DH rider of the office, part of a small group of core downhill only riders in Nelson.  When he’s not hanging with his new family, his weekends consist of pounding laps. During the week Renan is all things customer service.